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We are an engineering consultatnt for those areas:

automotive consulting

HERE you find all information about our services in the automotive area.


We started own activities in the 1970's and see the necessity that all people shall turn their transport activities into sustainable behaviour now. Air and water pollution and all consequences are global serious problems. We have to support citizen lobbying for a clean environment to counterbalance the strong industrial lobby forces of the vehicle and related industries.
  Stop Combustion



Sales support office


We represent specific products for audio or automotive usage. At least for Germany, mostly for the EU, partly even world wide. If you are interested to find a competent local representant for your products, please contact us. Following you see logos from manufacturers thus products we represent:

MAGNAN audio cables

Small American cable manufacturer, making cables with least possible derogation of sound quality.



At www.hifilab.de you will find all information about our audio engineering area.


Editorial Office


This department offers to the English speaking customers any kind of technical translations into German. Could be for white papers, for owners manuals, for press texts, catalogs or else items, where specific technical contents would make it difficult for traditional translators. We can also do lectoral service for existing but imperfect translations. Best for texts with automotive or AV contents.








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