Since Jan. 2014 KoMET Engineering is the industrial representative for Akiplab. For the EU market and, for some models, even world wide. Akiplab manufactures in his family-owned factory in South-China foil speakers on a very high workmanship level. 100% QC is standard. They do magnetostats and air motion transformers. Mostly tweeters, as well midrange drivers and wide band line drivers of German design. Akip is the most experienced Asian manufacturer of foil drivers. Having first served the PA markets, the collaboration with us since over 6 years targeted in drivers for HiFi and Home Cinema as well. The following list shows an overview of the current base models with links to the corresponding data sheets. For O.E.M. variants, industrial quotations, distribution and technical details and complementary products please contact us by e-mail This activity targets industrial clients - please avoid private requests.

AKIP drivers for OEM
model picture type frequency efficiency info
PY-6S magnetostat 3k8 - 30k 88 info
CX-18 magnetostat 3k5 - 30k 88 info
RT-12 magnetostat 2k8 - 30k 90 info
RT-13 magnetostat 3k5 - 30k 90 info
RT-21 magnetostat 3k0 - 25k 90 info
RT-23 magnetostat 3k0 - 30k 89 info
RT-24 magnetostat 1k8 - 30k 91 info
RT-24F1 magnetostat 1k8 - 35k 90 info
RT-11 magnetostat 1k7 - 30k 93 info
RT-11F1 magnetostat 1k5 - 35k 92 info
PAP-110 magnetostat 1k2 - 30k 93 info
PAP-110F1 magnetostat 1k2 - 35k 92 info
A-25 AMT 4k0 - 25k 88 info
Jet-02 AMT 2k0 - 25k 90 info
Jet-06 AMT 2k5 - 30k 90 info
Jet-04 AMT 2k8 - 30k 98 info
PAP-101 magnetostat 1k8 - 20k 101 info
PAP-101F1 magnetostat 1k8 - 26k 100 info
PAP-106 magnetostat 800 - 18k 100 info
M-106F1 magnetostat 900 - 32k 95
M-106 F Cu magnetostat 700 - 26k tbd
PAP-108 magnetostat 500 - 22k 100 info
PAP-108F1 magnetostat 700 - 22k 97 info
M-108 Cu magnetostat 400 - 14k tbd
M-504 P magnetostat 350 - 9k tbd
M-1030 P magnetostat 250 - 18k 95
TA-30 magnetostat 2k0 - 30k 95 info
TA-80 magnetostat 700 - 17k tbd
woofers extremely fast woofers to match the performance of foil tweeters
MW-138 tbd tbd
MW-165 tbd tbd
MW-218 tbd tbd