KoMET Engineering - History

After having made several audio projects in his teenager years (based upon Braun and Heco concepts), after his Master in Mechanical Engineering in 1980 and five years of experience in GM's chassis development, Klaus Methner (KM) founded his engineering consultancy in the year 1985, because he had orders to realize precious DIY concepts for home speakers. At these times he already used handmade woofers from the famous Görlich brand. Due to his experience as suspension engineer and tire-expert he was familiar with spring-mass-systems - so he had the right kind of understanding for the loud black round things with rubber around: no tires - … speakers. :

Starting in 1987 he helped the just started distributor Tricom as their VP technical to conquer the German market for American Car Audio. Thereby he found good contacts to many notable manufacturers from the United States and other countries, who entered the German marked with Tricoms support. He was co-founder of almost all German car audio associations who started in the following decade. And he was the "head judge of sound" at almost all German Autosound Competitions from 91 to 94. The title story of the very first edition of the famous Car&HiFi magazine, the "Battle of Giants" Manta against Scirocco (cult cars at the time) appeared thanks to him, as he had tuned the sound systems in those cars. Some tough years later, this Manta won the first price for the best Car Audio System at the largest ever Manta Meeting, invited by the Frankfurt radio station FFH.

He learned from the long-lasting close cooperation with companies like Cerwin-Vega, Precision Power, Orion, Monster Cable, Polk Audio, MTX, Zapco, ESB, Nakamichi, Adcom, Milbert and more makers of Top products, to constantly widen his knowledge base in this sector. He engineered special crossovers for Polk home and car speakers. Apart from this engagement he did engineering works for Philips, JVC, Aldi, Quelle, Autoradioland, Cath, SonoFer, AMG-Mercedes and many more, part of those used his service for home speakers, some for car. At that time, his mentor Wolfgang Seikritt introduced KM to some important customers. These activities lead to very good business success and test results. Some good job offers appeared, e.g. chief engineer for Sony - but KM declined.

Some precious friendships emerged. They achieved many German, European and world championship titles, namely the Car Audio "gurus" Dirk Kuxhausen, Chris Körbel and Michael "TheBigOki" Müller. The latter forced KM to evolve his knowledge in the dB-Drag area, where thorough comprehension in Physics leads to win the titles.

Due to by caring for the technical customer hotline of Tricom in the early 90's, KM started to write white papers about car audio and speaker contents. The latter became thicker and thicker, it finally came out as a book in 2009: "HiFi im Auto", available in German language from the publisher Franzis.

In the beginning years, the needed speaker drivers had been engineered with famous European brands like Vifa, Seas, LPG, Scan-Speak, Heco, Audax, etc.. In 1993 we began co-operations with some Asian vendors, first from Taiwan and Korea, later from China. Meanwhile some of those factories have learned to supply high quality speakers. Phoenix-Gold, Visonik and Autoradioland were the first customers supplied from this China-co-operation. Even AMG-Mercedes got some top midwoofers from there. Engineered with my friend Hubert Reith, the MAX brand amplifiers for Tricom were made in Korea at the time.

KMs main job (GM) caused a move to Paris and then to London. Thus the KoMET activities had to idle for about five years at a min level. But it also brought the first application of large series OEM car speakers from KoMET engineering, made in co-operatiion with Italian Faital. Know-How from the engineering activities with Polk Audio helped to design a 19 mm silk dome tweeter that still trebles almost all Opel/Vauxhall cars of today. The complete system drives around in Vauxhall, Opel, Renaults and Nissans since. A real success, what should be continued.

In England another personal interest came up: tube amplifiers. They are as clearly laid out, that even a mechanical engineer can find his way through the circuit.

After returning to Germany in 2002, KM engineered a small series of extreme performance car speakers, marketed directly under his own label "Topas". Today those drivers have a "cult" status. No replacement is planned, as the profit is in no reasonable relation to the effort spent. But at that time, he engineered affordable subwoofers for a famous brand: Alpine. They are purchasing six models from KMs favourite Chinese woofer manufacturers since 2004.

In 2004 a sensation appeared within GM-Europe: the "Sound-Signum", wherefore KM had designed a CDS-subwoofer with LPG and the according electronics with Lear. The involved Blaupunkt head unit "Opera 40" supplied the DSP to adjust the system. Unfortunately it sounded better and costed much less then a famous US brand…

In 2005 KM left GM/Opel after 25 years of service and established the German office of French coachbuilder Heuliez, who manufactured the Opel Tigra roadster. Unfortunately the 2008 automotive crisis ended the life of this traditional family-owned company. KM got an offer to return to Opel, but declined for personal reasons.

At the same time he devoted his Know-How to the foundation of the AYA e.V., a non-commercial association for sound competitions in Germany. He created a simple to operate evaluation system, used today in parts of the infotainment and car industry.

In the year 2009 our services got extended towards automotive consulting. Before that day it couldn't get offered to avoid hurting the relation to the employers. The corresponding web-site is: www.komet-engineering.com . The main consulting contents are chassis, platform concepts, total vehicle and sound systems. From concept to (advanced) engineering and benchmarking to cost optimisation. For other automotive cost contents we have a network of well experienced experts to join the team. Since end of 2010 KM successfully consulted well known car makers in the UK, Sweden, Korea and Germany, having earned special acclamation by a bawarian OEM. Those projects complimented the over 3-decades-experience and helped for very actual and comprehensive knowledge in all chassis- and platform-related items. The audio sector evolved by engineering next-gen. ultimate-transient drivers for enhancing (home)cinema listening pleasure.

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